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Leader in the field of personnel selection conducted using multiple choice tests.

Established in 1999, in fifteen years of activity it has run over two thousand competition procedures that have regarded more than three million participating candidates overall, consolidating its own structure and experience with the aim of guaranteeing progressively more innovative, high added-value services to its clients.
Selexi is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the corporate professional services regarding the design and administration of tests for the selection of personnel and open competitions (Sector EA:35), for the analysis, development, running and maintenance of correlated software (Sector EA:33) and for the supply of training courses (Sector EA:37).

The Test Center is also accredited for the issue of IT and professional Certifications.

With its proprietary software for the administration of selection, evaluation and orientation tests, over the years Selexi has gained proven know-how in the computer-based examination sector both in Italy and internationally, with the assistance of local partners and by activating a worldwide network of test centers.


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  • Open competitive exams
  • University tests
  • Computer-based competitions
  • Progress Tests
  • Online simulator
  • Online document access
  • School-oriented services


  • Analysis of training requirements
  • Training plans
  • Team-building services
  • Training courses
  • E-learning
  • Evaluations
  • Methodologies
  • TFA (Active Training Apprenticeships)


  • Desk research
  • Face-to-Face interviews
  • Telephone surveys
  • Web surveys
  • Paper questionnaires
  • Mystery shopping
  • Quality surveys