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Event / 2018-05-24
Public competition of the City of Bergamo Public competition for Technical Steering Instructor in computer based mode. Terra Hall, Selexi Test Center
Event / 2018-05-21
Italian Language knowledge test for foreigners Today Terra Hall hosts some users of the city of Milan enrolled in the test of knowledge of the italian Language for foreingers. The foreign national who has been living legally in Italy for more than 5 years and intends to ask for the EC permit for long-term residents (article 9 Immigration test) must supprt and pass the test (Decree 4 June 2010)
Event / 2018-05-18
UniMIB Admission test Selexi Test Center hosts candidates for admission tests to Bachelors Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques and in Psychosocial Sciences of Communication
Event / 2018-05-03
Selexi TC hosts the candidates at the Degree Courses of UniSR

Admission test to Degree Courses in Biotechnological Research and Psychological Sciences and Techniques

Event / 2018-04-21
Cà Foscari University of Venice The Selexi Test Center hosts some candidates of the admission tests to the Degree courses in PISE and in Languages, cultures and societies of Asia and Mediterranean Africa. Other candidates carry out the test in Venice in the rooms of Cà Foscari, in Rome and Palermo at other examination centres of the Selexi network
Event / 2018-04-18
Selexi TC/Microsoft Dynamics/Plaxis: Professional halls for Professional training Personalised equipment, services and catering for international teachers and students
Event / 2018-04-16
Plaxis Training A new professional course in Urano Hall: Elements of Geotechnical Engineering
Event / 2018-04-10
Pratical test for Nurses of the Milano-Bicocca University Today, Selexi Test Center hosts UniMIB's students
Event / 2018-04-03
Pearson Vue and Kryterion Certifications The best location for your Professional Certification. Exam sessions every day for Pearson Vue and Kryterion Certifications
Event / 2018-03-19
Selexi Test Center and UniSR - Esclusive location for esclusive exams Admission to CDLM in Medicine and Surgery of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University. Last day of exam sessions, 19 in total
Event / 2018-03-12
Admission test of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University The Selexi Test Center hosts the candidates for the admission test at the Master's Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery and at the Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery in English. Selexi has organized the selection and has managed the Selexi Test Center as examination site
Event / 2018-03-08
Work-Linked Training Terra hall hosts every month, until May 2018, the students of third, fourth and fifth year of Carducci High School of Milan. Selexi collaborates with the School in the Work-Linked Training project. The carryng out of didactic activities connected with the study program, allows to test on the field their own aptitudes and knowledge acquired. Work-Linked Training, compulsory for all students of the last three years of high School, is one of the most significant innovations of law 107 of 2015 (La Buona Scuola) in line with the principle of the italian "Open School"
Event / 2018-03-05
Google Cloud Platform From 5 to 7 March, Urano Hall hosts MicroTek for a professional training
Event / 2018-03-01
Selexi Test Center among the main locations in Milan and Italy. The Sole 24 Ore The Sole 24 Ore describes the Selexi Test Center as the protagonist of the national and European area. Its location and the services offered, make the location an opportunity for development in the field of selection, training and research
Event / 2018-02-27
Admission test to International MD Program, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore The Selexi Test Center hosts the canditates for the admission test to International MD Program. Selexi has organized the selection and has managed the center network in Italy and abroad
Event / 2018-01-30
Microsoft Dynamics 365 University From 30 January to 1 February, Volta Hall hosts Microsoft for a professional training